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She's Not Sorry - Book Review

"She's Not Sorry" by author Mary Kubica

Use the link below to purchase from the Queen Anne Book Company:

Review by Adam Roszco.

Five stars! This is author Mary Kubica's best thriller to date! Once I got started, I could not put it down.

In She's Not Sorry we are introduced to ICU nurse Meghan Michaels as she struggles with being a newly single mother and working her full-time job as a nurse. Out of the blue a patient named Caitlin is brought it with massive injuries she obtained from jumping from a bridge. Meghan is tasked with assisting her and can't seem to take her mind off this new patient.

The story is told in a way that you think you are moving forward from the moment Caitlin is brought in and introduced into Meghan's life. Being that you know this is thriller and it's Mary Kubica you know the players are holding secrets and only showing crumbs of the truth as you move forward in the tale. And just when you think you had it all figured out - bam! Another shoe drops. It reads like this chapter after chapter leaving you craving more.

A couple of things were pretty obvious to me from the beginning. However, the big reveal caught me off guard and left me quoting Robert Muldoon in Jurassic Park: "Clever girl." That big reveal was quite the amazing twist. I asked myself aloud - "how does Kubica do it in every one of her books?" That's she remains my favorite thriller author to date. I've read all her books and each tale is just as gripping as the one before it.

Thank you Mary Kubica for sharing your best work to date with us! Click that link at the top to grab your hardcover copy from the Queen Anne Book Company here in Seattle, WA. Shop Local, support indie bookshops!


Mary Kubica - author website

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