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Pride 2024

by Adam Roszco. 5/28/24. Photo courtesy of Eduardo Pastor, found on

This coming Saturday - June 1, 2024 - will kick off my 40th Pride Month. For most of my life June was not Pride month. But hey, since I've been a big old queen since 1984 I think I can safely say I've seen forty of these celebratory months.

Time for me to reveal a dirty little secret, I have not been to a PrideFest in years! The last one I went to was back in 2016 (eight years ago) in San Diego. Lots of booths. An Adult Only area. If you were crafty, like me, you could stand across the way on slight slope and look down into the Adult Only area. There I saw men in leather and boots whipping each other. A guy in stocks being fed orally a massive dildo. No doubt the person shoving it down his throat was trying to sell their uniquely colored, bio-degradable, citrus smelling dildo.

Also, really good Chinese food vendors!

But the real fun happened on the south end of the loop. There was a dancefloor and a DJ just getting warmed up. I stayed to the back of the crowd swaying lightly and drinking a beer. There were probably thirty people on the dancefloor ahead of me. And then suddenly, it began to pour down rain. And that dancefloor became electric. People flocked onto the laminate, portable floor as the DJ found his groove. And all of us strangers began to move to that amazing beat in the rain. Soaked all the way through with smiles all the way around.

And that moment is what Pride is all about. Connection. Here we were, throwing ourselves around in the pouring rain smiling. The energy was overwhelming and contagious. It's one of my fond memories. I remember looking around at everyone around me, our eyes connecting briefly and in that second we relished our sexuality and the journey our community had taken. We threw our hands up in celebration.

I was, and still am, thankful for the LGBT community of the past. Stonewall may have been the catalyst that ignited the movement but we were here long before. The struggle leading up that riot in NYC had been boiling for decades. Just yesterday I was sitting at a coffeeshop looking out the window and saw a couple of men holding hands down the street. I thought, the community of the eighties should be proud of that moment. They helped make that socially acceptable. They helped make the world a safe enough place where those two men can hold hands and not fear the consequences.

As we roll into another Pride Month I am thankful for today's world so that we can love who we want and be out of the closet. Someday I'll find my man and be able to do that too. And when I do, I'll look to the stars and thank those who came before me to help make it happen. Happy Pride 2024.

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