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Look Who You Stumbled Into!

Good morning, Dear Reader! It's great running into you. Welcome to the online home of author Adam Roszco.

The basics about me: I am a month and a half away from turning forty years old (yes 40....yikes!). I am a gay man living it up in Seattle. My family would describe me as a smart-ass. I've also been working through my trauma, the resulting depression and anxiety as well as a side of PTSD. Not to make light of that - but we all are going through our own stuff, and I want to pause a moment and, if you are struggling, let you know you are not alone and you are amazing and can get through it. Just take it one day at a time. My dad and I share that mantra all the time and it has saved us numerous times.

But back to me. I don't care for the spotlight and have not yet taken a selfie I like. However, building my literary brand and sharing my written works and two cents with the world does require me to get in front of the camera. Another thing I am having to overcome. But I can do it! Why you ask? Because I enjoy writing and the books I am working on - one will surprise and delight and the other will hopefully help a person or two get through their darkest hours. Both projects are near and dear to my heart.

My voice also has some wisdom to it as I have traveled quite the windy road. Misdeeds, good intentions, addiction, treatment, recovery. Simply put - I can be a guide in this life. I won't get into here on this blog but recently, I did help save someone. I had a minor supporting role, and I will not embellish it. But I am proud that I was a part of helping someone. He is alive today thanks to the strong support of his family and caring girlfriend; they are the ones doing the heavy lifting with him. More on this later, I promise.

As you saw at the beginning of this introductory post, I am on the verge of 40. I have been dreading it for years. One thing about me, I am always (and sometimes irritatingly) always looking ahead. So, for years I have seen it coming. My mom fondly teases me "One day closer to 40!". Recently. I turned the tables on her and asked, "But what does that make you?" She laughed and said, "The mother of a forty-year-old. Guess I can't tease you about this for much longer huh?" She was good spirited about it. While I think age bothers her a little bit, I think she is proud to have a forty-year-old son.

Again, welcome! Please subscribe if you'd like. I will sharing my literary journey from the ground up. My journey through addiction, depression, recovery, Seattle, anxiety, dating for 40-year-old gay men and have a laugh or two. And I would love to have you along for the ride! Great company always welcome.

Also, this website is a safe space for all. Don't bring your trolling, bullying, hatred and negativity here. It will be blocked and deleted. Life is already challenging enough - we should be a little bit kinder to each other. If you do need to express your negativity do so in private to my email: and I will do my best to sort through that and respond.

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