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Getting My Butt into a Chair to Write

by Adam Roszco, Esquire.

Every writer out there will tell you how amazing being a writer is. You've penned the next Great American Novel! You've woven an intricate web to unravel in the next best thriller! You've written about two unlikely lovers falling in love! Oh how glamorous! How satisfying! Woo woo woo!

That being said, I bet you the few pennies I have, that if you were to ask them the worst part of writing - every single one of them would agree that it is this: getting my butt into a chair to write!

Once upon a time it was said that writing was a rich man's hobby. As a rich man has deep pockets so that he can pay to have his household, family and career run for him. He could take to the divan and put his pen to paper and over the course of a summer draft his memoir. In today's world we have so many ways to be an author. Whether it be through traditional means with representation and published by a big house publisher. Or self-published. #authorsofinstagram or #authorsoftiktok. Shoot, if you really wanted to just stand on a street corner like a paperboy of old and shout it to the passersby.

But getting your butt into that chair to write is so difficult. Why? Once you get there and start writing, the words magically pour onto the page. Take today for instance. I set a goal of three pages and out came six. Yes that's a small goal but when you are a modern, independent, handsome gay bachelor in Seattle you have to piece it out. Afterall, I am also running my social media and website. Other loftier names have people.

There are days I dread writing. Stressed over whether or not my characters will have anything to say or do. Other days I love it so much and the words fly from my fingertips, the sounds of them striking the keyboard echoing with wondrous harmony against the walls of my apartment.

I've been writing since my high school years. I even wrote and self-published four novels. I am so embarrassed by those books that I never tell the titles. They were the big-eyed youthful attempts of becoming a famous author. Today, I have tempered my expectations and merely want to write because it is satisfying to me. What keeps me motivated is sharing a cup of coffee with a fan of my work and having a lovely conversation over a passage they can't get enough of. How truly satisfying would that be? To connect with a total stranger over a few words on the page. Call me old-fashioned but it's a thought like that, that puts a smile on my soul.

But it won't happen if I don't get my butt into the chair. And so, if you dear reader are also a writer and you have those days: get your butt into the chair. The words will find you. Inspiration will kick in without even you realizing it. Just get your butt into the chair.

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